It's Time We
Reform Congress

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In Unlock Congress, Michael Golden takes readers on an easy-to-understand historical expedition and investigation into the ways congressional failure leads to a harmful PRODUCT.

Digging deeper, the book identifies the PROBLEM – how obsolete rules have led to major defects in the system. Finally, Unlock Congress lays out a PLATFORM designed to strengthen the system and reinvigorate both the process and its players.

At the heart of Unlock Congress sits the “D.C. 4-3,” a term used to describe the four defects that fuel the problem and cause three negative effects on congressional performance:

Problem: The "D.C. 4-3"

  • 1. The Money Flood
  • 2. Rigged Congressional Races
  • 3. Two-Year Congressional Terms
  • 4. The Senate Filibuster
  • 1. Drives: poor outcomes.
  • 2. Deters: communication, idea generation, and constructive     negotiation.
  • 3. Distorts: fair representation.

Unlock Congress serves up startling facts and revealing stories to explore and explain Congress’s poor productivity. Once the “D.C. 4-3” is summarized, Unlock Congress introduces a PLATFORM of principles and solutions geared toward unleashing our legislators’ true potential.

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